We specialise in custom sheet metal fabrication; and we have a comprehensive line of sheet metal processing machineries for the following industries:

Appliance – strainers, microwave screens, washer drums 

Architectural – stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, shades 

Audio Equipment – speaker grills

Automotive – filters, speakers, radiator grills,

Building – plates for floors and stairs, decorative panels, ventilation grills 

Chemical – centrifuge, drying baskets,

Electrical – cable trays, bus bars, panel boards

Food Processing – trays pans, strainers

Furniture – benches, chairs, shelves

HVAC – enclosures, grills, diffusers, and ventilation

Lighting – fixtures, public lamp posts

Medical – trays, pans, cabinets, racks

Mining and Collieries – screens

Quarries and Brick Making – trays, rotary and vibrating screens

Railways – floors, carriages, running boards, ventilation grills, acoustic panels,

luggage racks

Retail – display and shelving 

Water works – filters, flanges

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