CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a slitting process with which metallic raw materials of different material thicknesses may be cut. This is based around a laser beam which is guided, formed, and bundled. When it hits the workpiece, the material heats up to the extent that it melts or vaporizes. In this process, the whole laser power is concentrated on one point, with a diameter that is often less than half a millimeter.  

All materials common in industrial processing – from steel to aluminum, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal sheets, can be cut safely and in high quality with the laser. Very different sheet thicknesses of 0.5 to over 25 millimeters can be cut using the tool. This extremely wide material range makes the laser the top cutting tool for many applications in the area of precision sheet metal cutting.

CNC Metal Bending

The TruBend Center 5030 sets the standard when it comes to flexibility during panel bending. Discover what is arguably the widest range of parts in this machinery category with the semi-automatic TruBend Center 5030. Go far beyond traditional panel bending capabilities, process complex workpieces quickly and with flexibility. Produce components for an array of industrial purposes and applications, from delicate shrouds up to large-scale trays.

Two axes, limitless possibilities

The 2-axis part manipulator positions the sheet metal and even enables negative bends.

Every component under control

Various gripper systems help to hold the components.

Programming in the blink of an eye

Precise angles

First part, perfect part – with the ACB laser.

Automatic tool change

First part, perfect part – with the ACB laser.

Simple offline programming with TecZone Fold.

CNC Laser Welding

Robots, lasers, processing optics, enclosed protective housing, and positioners – TruLaser Weld 5000 is a turn-key system for automatic laser welding. You can flexibly weld deep and strong seams or nicely rounded, smooth seams using one system. FusionLine also enables you to connect components with gaps. The versatile system can be precisely tailored to meet your needs with different component positioners.

Flexible laser welding

Heat conduction welding, deep penetration welding, or FusionLine–all on just one machine

Individual loading

Automatic component position detection

     The TeachLine sensor system reliably

      detects the seam placement.

Different component positioners are available depending on the desired loading option.

Improved accessibility

The rotary module for shield gas guidance provides excellent parts accessibility

Parallel programming

With the simple TruTops Weld offline programming system

User-friendly operation

Functions such as the rotatable control panel and the additional status monitor make your work easier.

CNC Metal Punching

The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity, process reliability, and flexibility. Backlash-free drives enable the highest axis acceleration, and the high rotation speed of the C axis enables extremely fast tapping, as well as the productive processing of complex contours. Due to the powerful hydraulic drive you can punch with up to 1,600 strokes per minute and mark parts with 2,800 strokes per minute. Intelligent automation components and smart functions increase your productivity and process reliability.

1,600 strokes/min

Punch quickly and mark parts with 2,800 strokes/min: The TruPunch 5000 sets new standards for productivity.

Increased productivity due to automation

From material handling to tool automation – the machine will do everything for you.

Gentle processing

Highest part quality

The active die ensures low-scratch parts.

Fast tool change

The ToolMaster Linear for up to 90

tools guarantees a fast tool change.

Retractable clamps ensure the highest part quality and precision.

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